Monday, 29 August 2011

Gettin' into it

HEYY my fellow readers, it's been a while again since I last wrote anything, sorry mates. But now, it's time to share some of my new memories with you!

Last weekend was absolutely a m a z i n g ! I was in our schools Deb (presentation ball) but only as a guest. Luckily for those who paid 90 bucks for the ticket to watch their friends dancing, were offered a chance to join the party laters when the music was tuned on to suit us younger ones!!! After 2 hours of intense dancing and having fun it was time to leave Moonee Valley Racecourt and rock up to James' place where we had awesome afterparty (without alcohol mates) ! The pool was freezing, still can't understand why we jumped in 4 times!!?
You only live once so make the most of it!

While birthday is getting closer, I'm waiting for that weird feeling to be heaps older again but without my loved brother Aapo Lahdenkauppi.

I recon I'm getting used to this Aussie life, it's just as wonderful as I assumed it to be! Also the spring is just around the corner and it's going to be mad!!! I can almost hear the beaches calling for me already...

When other people are just rocking on the day, others go to sleep. At the moment I count myself to those who need a tad sleep!

Comment and enjoy your life folks :)

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Susanna said...

Heeei ihan superkiva blogi ja mukavaa tekstiä, tykkään! :)