Monday, 19 September 2011

Long time no write, no time no do

FINALLY managed to gain enough energy (among the weight too :D) to write my blog again!

So so much has happened, I most probably wont remember everything but tryin' my best anyways.

So the weekend before my birthday which was 5th Sept I went to the snow!!! Believe it or not, most probably not but I went to the snow! I WENT SKIING! I GOT TELEMARKS! *ahem* yes so I was pretty pumped for that wkend cause I didnt expect to find snow from this country. BUT I DID! HA HA! I won! And the trip itself was amazing!! We jumped in the car with 4 brasilian exchangers and my rotary counselor. After some 3hours driving we got to the place where we were going to sleep and live for the wkend! And we also hired ski gear (at 9pm, you can imagine the face of the guy in the ski hire when he saw 4 yelling brazzies and a finn rushing in to the place...) which was fun - brasilians had never tried ski boots on, that is pretty hard !

Next morning was the time to head to the mountain! I don't think it was so cold but the brasilians still wore their ski equipment all the way from bed to bed again! Gettin' the idea of the amount of fun I had there? (Just lettin' ya's know that I'm used to that Finlands -20 degrees when I ski... Now it was something like 5 positive) Skiing itself was just wonderful, as it always is! Watchin' brazzies havin' their ski lesson and taking photos of them going down made my day. In the end of the day all brazilians were able to ski down all the green slopes which was pretty good for first time skiers! Good effort!

Second day - TELEMARK! I was in my element when I saw the tellys under my feet and yeah, it was as awesome as it always is! AND I got one picture taken of miself skiing, just to prove that I really did something too. The last day (sunday) while driving back from the snow place after saying long goodbyes to the rotarians that kindly hosted us there, we had our compulsory Maccas stop. After that, in the night we were waiting in enthusiasm for the day to change.... 10 points question why! It was my bday on monday!!! SO I got immediate happy birthdays and a nice song (in english and brazilian (portugese) )! Overall a lovely trip!! Pics below

THE following week went casually and I somehow don't have many memories from that BUT I remember that in the thursdays rotary meeting (where I go every week) was this guy called Andrew Jobling - most inspiring and motivating speaker, I highly recommend. I actually bought his book Dance until it rains. I'm probably a weirdo cause the book sounded like an old peoples have-a-good-live-when-u-do-this kinda things but it's not that bad.

Saturday 11th Sept I had my birthday party with exchangers around Melbourne, again, they made my day and I felt very special. Approximately 10 or so exchangers stayed the night so we had a great time in the morning too, first mates left at 8 and I of course woke up for them, I didn't even want that sleep... pics below

LAST WEEK was amazing! I normally wear my school uniform 4 times a week because on wednesdays I wear the sports uniform. Last week... once. I had two amazing excursions; one to a forest some bloody long way from our school. The forest was... well a forest BUT the group we had there was the best - counting plants with them was not that bad.
Second excursion I had was Outdoor Ed excursion! WE WENT ROCK CLIMBING! I was pretty excited for that too, I love climbing. The trip was a great success and all of us did very good! Couldn't have had a better day, sun was shining and it was nice and warm. Pics below

This weekend then again, I catched up with my finnish friend Iris who is here, that lazy girl... She actually works as an au pair BUT so far it sounds more like a holiday for her! Workdays are something like 5 hours and free weekends! That's just good cause she has the time to drive me all around Melbourne then! We also bought these abseiling/roof jumping thingys! Simply it is 3 jumps off a small skyscraper in Melbourne! Looking forward! Pics below soon

AND last but deeeeefinitely not least, I spent my sunday with my good exchanger friend from Sweden! We're like neighbours! And we went climbing! The place was in Nunawading, the most strange name for a suburb... Well anyways the place was amazing, you'll find out, pics below

I'm also looking forward to next week because WE HAVE HOLIDAYS finally!!! It's going to be amazing! And after that we start term 4 in school which is summer term --> summer uniform!

And just sayin', we're gonna have a Great Ocean walk/surf trip for 3 days with Outdoor Ed after the holidays.... excited??!?!? naa.... jokes, YES!!

 the snow trip group!

 feelings of the first time to snow from my brasilian friends! <3

 At the snow!

 After ski!

 The one on the ground is my counsellor!

 Thanks to the stranger who took this photo

 Peace, dude.

My bday cake! Luv mum

 The party was a success!

 The kangaroo is my bday present from my best friend!


 Great climbing day ae!


 One really concentrated belayer....

 A M A Z I N G

Abseiling with the most amazing view!!

 Just casual picture taking time

 Looks good ae! Or...

 I could live there, no worries

 All you need is there: a Jaakko, pair of climbing shoes and a flag of Finland!

Just a artish pic to the end ;)

Comment and so on, I'll start recovering for the next blog now, luv ya's <3

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Teppo said...

Life's good and the school studies are the highlight of your time here! ;D I know! Enjoy as muc as you can here! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!