Sunday, 14 August 2011

Aussie life

I haven't been writing for a while... There's been so much to do that a little thing like blog is easy to forget.
Along the week and couple days it's been so so much things happening, I can't even remember all of them.

Last weekend, not this one, we went to the Melbourne Aquarium with my host sister, her school friend who is on an exchange too and another exchanger. We had really good time there! If anyone of you, my readers ever end up to Melbourne, the aquarium is worth a visit. We saw penguins, sharks, sting rays, all kind of cool little fish and so much more cool stuff!

I also go to school here Monday-Friday which is actually pretty nice because I have my best friends (if we don't count other exchangers) there. In our school we do ACS sports every Wednesday, it means that we play against some other school in a wide range of different sports. I play in one of our schools ACS volleyball team.

Yesterday was the greatest day ever! I was in my first AFL game (AFL stands for Australian Football League) and naturally they played Aussie rules football. The game was between Western Bulldogs and Essendon Bombers (my team). Essendon won <3 And the game itself was amazing, there are some pictures of it if you scroll down. The best thing was to watch the game with good friends, nothing can be bad if you're up to it with a good group of people. I <3 Footy

 If you can spot the building with those long glass walls, yes it is a climbing place!! 19m high walls!

 I love it already!

 Under the clocks, they say. I'll believe them.
It's the place where everyone meets
Is there anything to say when you see chocolate strawberries... 

Etihad Stadium!!! Bombers v Bulldogs!

 Quarter time...
Just letting you know, there are 18 players on the ground on both sides.
For getting the ball in between the taller poles, it's six points. Otherwise it's 1 point.
Around 100 points per side are kicked in a game

 I think there's a fish there, what do you think

 We lived Happy feet!!!! It is true, finally!

 Yay, pingu
 Roxan was little scared of them

 We found also some other creatures...
No, really he's my really good exchanger friend (from Brazil)

Life here is good, I'm afraid I'm not going to come back to Finland, sorry mates.

Joking, I can't live without sauna and rye bread

and maybe my family, love ya's!

No worries, have a g'day

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