Monday, 29 August 2011

Gettin' into it

HEYY my fellow readers, it's been a while again since I last wrote anything, sorry mates. But now, it's time to share some of my new memories with you!

Last weekend was absolutely a m a z i n g ! I was in our schools Deb (presentation ball) but only as a guest. Luckily for those who paid 90 bucks for the ticket to watch their friends dancing, were offered a chance to join the party laters when the music was tuned on to suit us younger ones!!! After 2 hours of intense dancing and having fun it was time to leave Moonee Valley Racecourt and rock up to James' place where we had awesome afterparty (without alcohol mates) ! The pool was freezing, still can't understand why we jumped in 4 times!!?
You only live once so make the most of it!

While birthday is getting closer, I'm waiting for that weird feeling to be heaps older again but without my loved brother Aapo Lahdenkauppi.

I recon I'm getting used to this Aussie life, it's just as wonderful as I assumed it to be! Also the spring is just around the corner and it's going to be mad!!! I can almost hear the beaches calling for me already...

When other people are just rocking on the day, others go to sleep. At the moment I count myself to those who need a tad sleep!

Comment and enjoy your life folks :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Time flies

In my head, 1 week...
In real life, 4 weeks!!!

It's really scary to notice that I've already been here for 4 weeks!! I've done a lot and I'm about to do even more!
From my morning train to Watergardens, it's pretty freaky to sit in the train alone  :D

Weekend has been amazing:

Friday was a relaxing chilling evening with family. Did all kind of fun stuff with my family, mostly with my host sisters, love them! :) I have nothing more to say about Friday, it was a nice and quiet eve.

On Saturday I was on a birthday lunch of my friends, we had the best time ever!!! We went with trains to the "rich" part of the city, South Yarra. There is probably the most expensive shopping street in Melbourne and of course our restaurant was on that street! It was a really really nice place and the food was so good! And yes, it is able even for a little guy to eat Club Sandwich which was massive!! After the lunch we ( there was 18 of us <3) just walked around South Yarra, pretty headless wandering I say. But we had a good time anyways!

Then today, Sunday! I was about to go climbing with my good friend from Denmark but she wasn't able to join me today, maybe some other day! I changed my plans and headed towards the Ocean Grove beach with my host dad, mum and sister! We stopped several times to watch the view and to do some other kind of things (read, buying mussels... ) We got to the beach and I fell in love! I love beaches!!! The sounds of waves crashing and water flowing against your feet, absolutely amazing! And the Sun was shining!!! Greatest fun in long time.
I <3 the beach.

Don't be afraid to comment my writings, I won't bite ( I'm too far away) :)


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Aussie life

I haven't been writing for a while... There's been so much to do that a little thing like blog is easy to forget.
Along the week and couple days it's been so so much things happening, I can't even remember all of them.

Last weekend, not this one, we went to the Melbourne Aquarium with my host sister, her school friend who is on an exchange too and another exchanger. We had really good time there! If anyone of you, my readers ever end up to Melbourne, the aquarium is worth a visit. We saw penguins, sharks, sting rays, all kind of cool little fish and so much more cool stuff!

I also go to school here Monday-Friday which is actually pretty nice because I have my best friends (if we don't count other exchangers) there. In our school we do ACS sports every Wednesday, it means that we play against some other school in a wide range of different sports. I play in one of our schools ACS volleyball team.

Yesterday was the greatest day ever! I was in my first AFL game (AFL stands for Australian Football League) and naturally they played Aussie rules football. The game was between Western Bulldogs and Essendon Bombers (my team). Essendon won <3 And the game itself was amazing, there are some pictures of it if you scroll down. The best thing was to watch the game with good friends, nothing can be bad if you're up to it with a good group of people. I <3 Footy

 If you can spot the building with those long glass walls, yes it is a climbing place!! 19m high walls!

 I love it already!

 Under the clocks, they say. I'll believe them.
It's the place where everyone meets
Is there anything to say when you see chocolate strawberries... 

Etihad Stadium!!! Bombers v Bulldogs!

 Quarter time...
Just letting you know, there are 18 players on the ground on both sides.
For getting the ball in between the taller poles, it's six points. Otherwise it's 1 point.
Around 100 points per side are kicked in a game

 I think there's a fish there, what do you think

 We lived Happy feet!!!! It is true, finally!

 Yay, pingu
 Roxan was little scared of them

 We found also some other creatures...
No, really he's my really good exchanger friend (from Brazil)

Life here is good, I'm afraid I'm not going to come back to Finland, sorry mates.

Joking, I can't live without sauna and rye bread

and maybe my family, love ya's!

No worries, have a g'day

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It's awesome, isn't it!

I've been going to my school for two days now! Love it! It's amazing how everyone is so nice to me and you have someone talking to you all the time! The things they say about how kind Aussies are are 100% true! I'm doing methods (hard maths), psychology, biology, English, arts (<3) and outdoor Ed. Those subjects are very nice, maths is like hieroglyphs and Py is just like studying Indonesian (which you can do there) but it's really nice anyways!
Because of school, the amount of my friends has increased by approximately 450% and i have lots of good plans already! For example, going rock climbing, watching Captain America and go to footy games!
School uniform is pretty nice, a bit formal but still okay. School uniform includes bleizer, pants, tie, shirt, jumper, school shoes and that kind of stuff.
I've found out that vegemite is totally eatable when you use it just a little at a time : D

 This is my room, a bit messy but it's a really nice room ;)

 Overnewton Anglican Community college, the place to be! 

I found a flag of Australia on my wall when i arrived <3 love my host family

The every exchanger "must" picture : D (We also went kangaroo spotting and they were so cool!)

I'll probably write something for you guys soon again, until that, goodbye <3