Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Australia baby!

Finally here!! It's my third day in Aus and it's been absolutely amazing!!! The four days in Singapore was also really really cool, we also managed to film a Olympic Swimming team of the Finnish & Estonian exchangers - promo video, it'll be available soon! Singapore was ssssso hot and it felt almost like you was swimming on the streets! Besides, it was cold in the buildings so we were freezing and melting continously.
First day in Aus and I met my host family, I love them already!!! They're laughing at me all the time but they're really kind also. On my first day we also went shopping and bought two tv's?! It was crazy! But very nice ;) I also got a new phone number, the Australian one ( 0411695037 ) so I won't answer to my old, Finnish one.
On my second day we opened a bank account for me (for all the donations I'm getting?) which is good too.
Today I've been in Melbourne, we went through a marketplace, it was really nice!
I'm getting very excited about going to school (which I heard will be a really expansive private school) and getting my school uniform!
My love for all of you in Finland and other countries <3

Sunday, 10 July 2011

7+2 makes 9!!!

It's now 9 days until I leave! Somehow it's impossible to think about it, it just feels so weird! Still, there are lots and lots of friends to meet before leaving and so much stuff to do! Anyways I decided to enjoy my last summer days in Finland.
By now and after many sleepless nights chatting with other exchangers, many questions have popped up in our minds, something like "should I take some Australian dollars with me already" "what is my school like" "what is my host family like" and that kind of things.
Soon it's time to start packing and thinking of the flight ahead... Words can't tell the amount of the excitement!
By now it's really clear for me that all Australians are huge fans of Aussie rules football! That means that I'm being dragged to about 5 directions, meaning 5 different teams I should cheer for!
Here's a little part of what I'm about to see almost every week: Aussie rules football