Monday, 30 January 2012

Update it!!! And he did.

It's been forever.

First things first:

ANYWAYS! Back in business with more than ever!!! (Doesn't help ya guys, can't remember all of it at the moment anyways :P )

Let's get started, where were we... Ah yes! Long long time ago, in a land far away there was a prin... krhm... BOY who, well did all sort of cool things! Such as:

XMAS IN SYDNEY! and if that doesn't give you the required satisfaction (or envy), we'll add NEW YEARS EVE IN SYDNEY! KA BOOM! Tsjauuu it was aaamaaaziing! Here's a bit 'o mi feelins' from that time...

I clearly did not realize the length of the trip. I packed one backpack of clothes; say, a couple shirts, boxers and two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, for a ten (10!!!) day trip. I'd have to buy clothes. WELL anyways, i was happy to get on the rrrroooad, cuz we were driving, not flying like most unfun-maggot-like-big-belly-sloppy-desperatos who wanted to get there the comfortable way. WE weren't so much for that, most of the nine ( yes, 9!) hour car drive I slept. Not a bad way to charge your internal batteries for a cultural shock.
Sydney Sydney Sydney, would ya move next to melbourne please, I'd live happy here for the rest of my life!
In short, I give you SYDNEY: Harbour, Opera House, Harbour bridge, Bay, Double Bay (double bay; double pay, it was expensive area), Rushcutters Bay, some random Bay and Bondi and Manly. That's pretty much Sydney for you.

One thing Sydney gave me was extraordinary! Sunburns on Christmas Eve!!! Once in a lifetime experience ae? ;D my xmas itself was CHILEAN! You can't really get any cooler than that can you?! So I ate the foods I had NEVER seen before, some of it was delicious, some of it was... interesting.

Shall we move on? Yeah I knew you wanted to know more bout mi xmas adventure, lets continue with it!
I got some awesome xmas experiences, for example: walked down AND UP 1084 steps outdoors, on a very steep and changing rock face, GOODBYE XMAS KILO'S!!

NYE @ STAR CITY COMPLEX! Which is the casino complex in Syd. We ate our NYE meal in a restaurant where the food, not including drinks, was 300$ a HEAD! and I didn't have to pay ofc ^^
Fireworks. Well, people know very few things about Australia in general but a thing even some Finns usually have heard could be the Sydney Harbour fireworks. It was worth it! Everything paid back as good as possible!!! Loved it from the bottom of my heart.

After NYE we started to shuffle back towards MELBOURNIAAA woop woop! Which ment another 9h in a car. AND THERES MORE, for our unimaginable luck (NOT) we timed our drive-back to the 42degree day! No, not in Fahrenheit, in Celcius. So if you know what I mean when I compare that to sitting 9 hours in a sauna that moves 110 kilometres an hour, you might be pretty close to that experience!

Back in Melb the first thing I see when gettin' outta the car, MY TWIN BRO!!!! One of life's great feelings <3 If you wanna know alllll the things we did along the TWO WEEKS my AWESOME dad and my AMAZING brother were over, you might've to contact them and solve it out from them, I can't be bothered to write that amount of awesomeness here :) I can tell what we did in short :) The MCG tour, Great ocean road, Eureka tower, Melbourne Aquarium, LOTS of shopping, VIC market. that's about it in short :)

Then after that it was MOVING TIME!!! well, it is pretty exciting to move families, though there is a slight lil problem to be seen also. The Stuff. It's amazing how your life space expands and it doesn't fit in a suitcase (or three) anymore. Interesting indeed! :D (It took a fair 7 BIG bags and 2 boogieboards to remove my existence from the building.

WARRNAMBOOL! Or, The land between two waters as the aboriginese name can be translated. My new very much awesome host family has a house down there on the coast so I had a nice 1.5 week holiday down there! Loved the ocean, the river and the spa! And also the photography almost every night along the highway! SUPER AWESOME MAGICAL STUFF!

NOW SERIOUSLY! PLEASE DO LISTEN TO THIS SONG, IT IS AWESOME AS! you all should be able to spare 4min 13sec from your lives for this. Thank you <3

And here I am, waiting for school to start ( yes, I'm still on summer holidays!) and trying to avoid lookin' at my holiday homework pile, they'll probably understand if I veery nicely say that I dont know how to do it...
School starting next monday! YEAR 12!!!! Gonna be legendary!!!

Have a good one everyone, thanks for still keepin up readin even tho I've been a bit lazy ^^

Enjoy yourselves while you can! It's half time!