Sunday, 21 August 2011

Time flies

In my head, 1 week...
In real life, 4 weeks!!!

It's really scary to notice that I've already been here for 4 weeks!! I've done a lot and I'm about to do even more!
From my morning train to Watergardens, it's pretty freaky to sit in the train alone  :D

Weekend has been amazing:

Friday was a relaxing chilling evening with family. Did all kind of fun stuff with my family, mostly with my host sisters, love them! :) I have nothing more to say about Friday, it was a nice and quiet eve.

On Saturday I was on a birthday lunch of my friends, we had the best time ever!!! We went with trains to the "rich" part of the city, South Yarra. There is probably the most expensive shopping street in Melbourne and of course our restaurant was on that street! It was a really really nice place and the food was so good! And yes, it is able even for a little guy to eat Club Sandwich which was massive!! After the lunch we ( there was 18 of us <3) just walked around South Yarra, pretty headless wandering I say. But we had a good time anyways!

Then today, Sunday! I was about to go climbing with my good friend from Denmark but she wasn't able to join me today, maybe some other day! I changed my plans and headed towards the Ocean Grove beach with my host dad, mum and sister! We stopped several times to watch the view and to do some other kind of things (read, buying mussels... ) We got to the beach and I fell in love! I love beaches!!! The sounds of waves crashing and water flowing against your feet, absolutely amazing! And the Sun was shining!!! Greatest fun in long time.
I <3 the beach.

Don't be afraid to comment my writings, I won't bite ( I'm too far away) :)



Teppo said...

Dude! I soo know right what you are talking about when you are talking about 4 weeks!? where did they go!? seriously? It just reckon like it was two days ago when we were on the airports!!! this has been just so amazing we can't believe this! And lucky you! you have beaches there! But I know, I'll enjoy my Murray Bridge as much as you enjoy Melbourne! Keep in touch mate and remember to have heaps of fun! :)

mila said...

oon kyl iha samaa mielta tosta 4 viikosta teidan kaa!;o i love the photo of u on the beach<3 en malta oottaa koska paasen ite tsekkaa biitsei taalla !