Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It's awesome, isn't it!

I've been going to my school for two days now! Love it! It's amazing how everyone is so nice to me and you have someone talking to you all the time! The things they say about how kind Aussies are are 100% true! I'm doing methods (hard maths), psychology, biology, English, arts (<3) and outdoor Ed. Those subjects are very nice, maths is like hieroglyphs and Py is just like studying Indonesian (which you can do there) but it's really nice anyways!
Because of school, the amount of my friends has increased by approximately 450% and i have lots of good plans already! For example, going rock climbing, watching Captain America and go to footy games!
School uniform is pretty nice, a bit formal but still okay. School uniform includes bleizer, pants, tie, shirt, jumper, school shoes and that kind of stuff.
I've found out that vegemite is totally eatable when you use it just a little at a time : D

 This is my room, a bit messy but it's a really nice room ;)

 Overnewton Anglican Community college, the place to be! 

I found a flag of Australia on my wall when i arrived <3 love my host family

The every exchanger "must" picture : D (We also went kangaroo spotting and they were so cool!)

I'll probably write something for you guys soon again, until that, goodbye <3

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ZoƩ said...

Wew I'm so happy that everything is going well for you! But I don't agree with you about the vegemite, omg how can you eat that? hahaha
I think you need a good belgian chocolate cure! I should hurry to pack, I won't let the aussies poison you :D
See ya <3