Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It starts to look like paradise

Soooo much has happened since I last wrote so I'm going to sum up only some of the most recent happenings!!!

I went to ADELAIDE with my host parents! Ade was just spectacular, met my auntie and some cousins ( add the word 'host' if you want to ) and it is surprising how many Polish people can you find from there! My parents are from a polish background so almost all the family and friends we met were somehow related to Poland! Awesomeness! Another surprising fact about Adelaide is that OMG it is flat. No skyscrapers anywhere near that part of the world I recon. (Unlike Melbourne which, of course is better in every other way too!)

The next day after the first night in sweet small Adelaide, we headed (me head first, my mum just driving the car) to MURRAY BRIDGE which is my bestest finlanderish mate's Teppo Lindberg aka Lehmusvuori's hometown here Dowwwwn Underrr! Which is awesome.! So the first day there after really realizing we two are together once again, we went to the 'center' of MB! In other words there's one main street with Maccas, KFC and Subway and that's pretty much it, what a lovely place to live in indeed!!! (Population was smthin' like 25000 people and a few kangaroos) ANYWAYS because I'm normal I voluntarily went to school with Tebo the next day! It is just amazing how in these small places everyone knows the monkey and the monkey also knows everyone! So the day pretty much went pass along with allllll those manymanymany people Teppo hugged or made me to hug too (it was awesome as!)! And in the evening we had a desperate try of destroying a 24 pack of Solo (lemon & lime, just not to be mainstream) (and because it was cheap!!!) and well let's put it this way: 12x0.375 = 4.5 litres per head! We managed til can number 3 until we felt too ill to continue... And just to mention, this was around 9pm on the riverside of Murray River, there actually was almost as much mozzies as you can find from Lapland! We ended up givin' away free solo's to everyone who was brave enough to take one! (many people took one, maybe they know the value of that stuff in the little city :P )

Carrying on to Adelaide after crying our hearts out on the time of depart, the last night in the 'big A' was OPERA, spelled o-p-e-r-a, not OPRAH! and the magnificent act we saw was Carmen, really enjoyable and heaps fun when your host dad falls asleep before you do! I highly recommend everyone to culturize themselves and take a look @ that thing!

Back in Melbourne (a couple days ago) school holidays are coming up fast as light (from very far away in that case) and now the only thing is to struggle thru final examinations! Thought I should be getting good marks and exceeding expectations just by showing up to those things!

Time is mostly being spent catching up with mates and swimming and lying on the beach and enjoying life! You always find something new in the city! Like today, a reeeally nice surprise was when my Finnish nowadays one of best friends Iris(!!!!) walked up on me in the city and oh god, she has birthdays today, you all ought to say happy bday to her! (in your native languages, of course, just for the impression)

Next Sunday is going to be wicked 'cause of the Polish day on Fed square!!! Looking fwd to see some Polish dancing and all that sorta things!!!!

There's some pictures down below from my time in down under! If you feel like seeing more, visit facebook and have a look at my pictures, not really hard to spot the ones worth looking for!

ps. English really starts to get the control over me now! Along the 2 days with Teppo we tried to speak FINNISH several times, with no success, it is HARD!

 ROCKING @ MBHS (stands for Murray Bridge High School)

 Planking @ MBHS


 Mushroom dealing @ MBHS

 Calling the girls @ MB (stands for Murray Bridge ;) )


Solo marathon @ MB!!!

 International Melbournian Grasslands Inspectornal Group Meeting!
 Also known as IMGIGM!

 We all know what you all think.

 It's a rare moment in our lives, whenever you see a wallet, GRAB IT
(the wallet in the pic is Raul's, no panic)

 I'm a real bookworm! Or then I just can't read but I'm awesome like this!

I appreciate that everyone always concentrates on the camera!

Coldplay - Paradise
and then continue.

These following pics are from a 3 day bushwalk on the Great Ocean Walk with my Outdoor education group!! The closest I've ever been to paradise!

 The guys had a lil' break!

 Sex on the beach

 Great Ocean Walk

 Anddd this is what I was talking about in the paradise thing...


 Wohooo some shade!!!

You can't really complain in this kind of situation can you? :D

And just to mention, the weather here in Melb starts to be livable, every day is 20+ and still most days start to get up to 26-30 degrees, enjoy Finland my loved ones! <3

Comment and please, push me on writing this stuff, otherwise you'll never get anything out of me I'm afraid...

Yours sincerely, Me


mila said...

Sounds good bro! And I can just imagine how great time u had with Teppooooooooo! 8) We have to cathc up again soon!! :)

alimä said...

et ole unohtamassa suomea!

Jaakko Lahdenkauppi said...

Mila we totally have to do that asap! :) and Alina, I'm afraid I really do lose a bit o' mi finlanderish...

Marica^^ said...

Oon vähän katteellinen tost rannasta :D. Jaakko kirjotteles vähän useemmin :DD, et me suomalaisetkin saadaan tarvittava jaako annostus :DD

Marica^^ said...

Oon vähän katteellinen tost rannasta :D. Jaakko kirjotteles vähän useemmin :DD, et me suomalaisetkin saadaan tarvittava jaako annostus :DD

Iris/Vuokko said...

NOWADAYS BEST FRIEND? I am officially offended.

Teppo said...

YEAH!!!! ME!!!!! You know mate. this is just amazing!!! And hey now I've updated mine too and it's just wicked... (after 5 months yeah... :DDD ) but hey heaps cool everything!!! ^^
(and holy mo my beard! :DDD )
Now it's away though :DDD