Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Being alive is EXCITING! - be excited

Here's today's song. Take a deep breath, chill a bit and face the Sun.

I made my mind to post something (extraordinarily for me, before one month has passed again...) AND I have to admit that at the moment my calendar is probably already overbooked and if I know myself at all, I have at least 2 things on top of each other coming up! I don't mind, everything'll be alright in the end, jus' goin' on with da flow !


  • Rotary camp on the beach
  • Baking stuff with exchangers ( it's going to be interesting :D )
  • Going swimming often enough not to get a massive belly
  • Going kayaking with my uncle (Aussie uncle [who is awesome] )
  • Just sayin' we're havin' the camp again, it is awesomeness
  • Beach in various locations with various people
  • Sydney over Xmas and new year!
Okay so that's the big picture of my summer, not including all the cool stuff I'm going to do without warning (this includes most of the stuff I do in general)

I'm totally loving life atm, I finished my yr11 exams and after yr12 headstart week it's school holidays! (and yes you Finnish people who wonder this, I'm going on yr3 after Xmas!) (and we get yr12 jackets!!!!)

AND I went to this awesome Polish festival on Fed Square and caught up with a heap of friends there, the day was magnificent! I of course, being a true blood Pole, had my Polish flags on my cheeks!

The pictures down below aren't really related to anything I wrote about (except for the polish one) but they show little bits and pieces of what I've done.

so there we were!

BAKING... something... I felt useful for once !

Forever alone, I had my time of reading the paper

Ice skating, I'm not sure if i wrote about it but yes we went ice skating!!!

Pool party at Maud's palace (she's an exchanger)

I recon I articulate very badly x)

Ylpiana vielakin taalta alhaalta ja alempaa kirjaillen umlautittoman maailmanpyoran aarella:
teidan Jaakko.

Guys, no worries about that above, it's not worth translating :)

(and now you're already opening google translator )

Til' next time, take care all of ya! xx

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Sarah Lynne said...

I love the Kalkbrenners. :) My absolute favorite is Sky and Sand.