Sunday, 10 July 2011

7+2 makes 9!!!

It's now 9 days until I leave! Somehow it's impossible to think about it, it just feels so weird! Still, there are lots and lots of friends to meet before leaving and so much stuff to do! Anyways I decided to enjoy my last summer days in Finland.
By now and after many sleepless nights chatting with other exchangers, many questions have popped up in our minds, something like "should I take some Australian dollars with me already" "what is my school like" "what is my host family like" and that kind of things.
Soon it's time to start packing and thinking of the flight ahead... Words can't tell the amount of the excitement!
By now it's really clear for me that all Australians are huge fans of Aussie rules football! That means that I'm being dragged to about 5 directions, meaning 5 different teams I should cheer for!
Here's a little part of what I'm about to see almost every week: Aussie rules football


Partajouhi said...

Mielenkiintosta nähä miten lähteepi käyntii setti.
Muista päivitellä vaikka näyttäis siltä ettei ketään kiinnosta.

alimä said...

i'm sooo gonna miss mah jacob
(miks blggerin pitää ilmottaa et "kirjoittaja on poistanut kommentin"??????)

Jaakko Lahdenkauppi said...

mä en tosiaa tiiä :D mut ei se mitää, your life ain't gonna stop to that one comment :)