Friday, 24 June 2011

25 DAYS!

It's stunning how time runs fast! Just a little time ago the whole exchange thing was months and months away and now it's less than a month until I leave Finland!! Continuing chats in the evening with other exchangers doesn't help the fever to leave at all and the excitement grows every day.
Only thing to worry about right now is how can I meet all my friends here in Finland before leaving! I just have to organize some things I think.
Now for midsummer, I'll spend the good time with some friends and after that I going to be a leader on a confirmation camp. I really hope the weathers will be good for next week!
Soon it's the time to panic about all little things related to leaving. Well it's still a couple weeks until that happens, it's that times sorrow then!
Midsummers for everyone, enjoy!

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